About Me

Pleased to Meet You!

When you write from the heart, you touch hearts.”

An editor once gave me that great piece of advice.

I’ve always remembered those wise and wonderful words and have attempted to do that as I shuffle words and pour my soul onto the page.

Many moons ago, I started on a career path as a nurse, then I announced to my happy hubby on graduation day I was great with child. We were thrilled.  Then when baby number two made his appearance a few years later we were doubly thrilled.

After working in a medical/surgical area for a while, it occurred to me, I didn’t really like blood. I continued working in geriatrics when the children were wee, and then I took some courses and switched from nursing to teaching.  As life would have it, I shifted my focus and also took a myriad of courses on writing and soon realized that this was something I was destined to do along with my teaching.

God was poking me in some interesting directions, I soon discovered.

I have been writing professionally now since 1986 and I am amazed at how the fire still burns within! I am so blessed when I stop and think about it. I love children and I love writing. And what I truly love is writing for children.

My 91 year old Poppa Bear had a heart attack in September of 2014 and after he passed ‘go,’ collected his all clear slip and checked out of hospital, he ended up checking in here.

After 18 plus years of tutoring svectorstock_2549633ome pretty wonderful kiddos, it was time to bring in my tutoring tile, turn my classroom into a ‘grandpa digs’ and don my old nursing cap.

I sure do miss my wonderful students, but now my days consist of writing when I can, publishing books for myself and others (did I not tell you about my Angel Hope Publishing business yet?)  and looking after Dad the rest of the time! My students were always a great source of fodder and now I am gathering copious notes on the other end of the spectrum.

Life is good.