I sure hope you enjoy your visit. Here you will find examples of my work, some of my favourite places, contact information, my books, a few photographs, links to my children’s website and all sorts of information about reading and writing.

I tend to be a little opinionated but I do try to be kind and honouring to God. By the same token, I sometimes forget that I don’t have to be in control!

I love writing short stories and devotions. One of my biggest joys is encouraging and making people smile when they read my work. I especially love to make children grin and am constantly inspired by their antics and curiosity. You can check out my children’s website here. (I’ve got some cool challenges for some cool kids on there, too, and lots of information about my children’s books and workshops.)

Check out my photos. You will get a taste of what I have been up to this year, too.

Drop me a note if you like. I would love to hear from you.

If you are interested in hiring me as a speaker or as a facilitator or workshop leader for either children or big people, please check out my speaker page or contact me at writer@glynisbelec.com and we can discuss details.